BP #6

It is fair to say that both works are trying to portray they scary effects technology has on our lives and the changes in perceptions we may have, due to how things like phones and iChat, towards the real world. As noted by Dewey, after the lady got to experience Will for who he really was she could finally develop what he was truthfully all about. “I felt more confortable in my room, with my things, and with his presence confined to a laptop screen.” It wasn’t until after that she realized that what she had known about Will was all just what that he wanted her to see. Although different, Richtel goes on to say send a message along the same lines. “It seems like he can no longer be fully in the moment.” Without technology it seems that it becomes hard for our society to function. We get bored and frustrated without our phones but with them we loose sight of what living is really all about.



What Dewey is trying to illustrate is that this act off chatting or even texting isn’t real communication, but a lousy excuse for it. I personally believe that we are in some serious trouble if people continue to rely on technology; common social skills that were once expected out of people seem to be dying out. I can find this to be persuasive yes because now to often people are face timing, as a use for communication as in other cases people would coordinate face-to-face meetings. People don’t know how to act if someone were to confront them on the spot. “He took me out for dinner and read his email while we waited for our food.” This woman didn’t think of this before when she talked about how great Will was, but maybe what she saw was just how great Will seemed to look through a laptop screen. Im not completely sure how credible her data is, or even how many people were poled in the data.


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