Blog Post 6

Both of these articles seem to get at the idea that technology only temporarily fills some sort of void but will ultimately lead to more hardship and disappointment. They also seem to assert that even though technology causes bursts of happiness, over exposure can have negative effects. Dewey suggests that there is deeper meaning when we search the web for seemingly shallow, silly communication. She says that “The Internet brings people together with hash tags and message boards, but it never satisfies them.”(520). When she finally gets around to meeting Will in real life, she is disappointed with the fact that Will is not as charming in real life as he is online. Richtel illustrates a family that exhibits full blown addiction. Even the youngest child picks up on the atmosphere, jokingly suggesting to her father that he “favors technology over family.”(482). As a result of the technology swarm, the son has underperformed in school, and family bonding overall has decreased.

Richtel uses an extreme example to highlight the dependency on technology as well as display the rifts that can be created within families as a result of technology. He also aims to expose the negative effect of technology on multitasking and he asserts that self proclaimed “multitaskers” are not as reliable as they may think because they are not able to block out unnecessary information. I can relate to the scenario discussed in “Interrupted by a Corpse”. Many times I have had very obligations to fulfill or assignment to complete but some sort of technological/media signal drew me away from my task. Sometimes I was able to complete my task without harm, other times I was not. I do not think I am a part of the 3%. I try to focus on lone activities as often as possible so I can do the best possible job. It is only logical to focus on one thing at a time so you can intake consistent stimulation all leading back to one task as opposed to several different tasks. This article was persuasive because it presented the research of credible, relevant authorities and conveyed the message in a relatable manner.


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