Blog Post 6

The article “Even in real life, there were screens between us” by Caitlin Dewey is about how a female met someone and then had an online relationship with them. The article goes into detail about how a female might someone and then started an online relationship with that person. She said that “I didn’t expect or even want to see Will again after that Weekend. Since he lived three states away… in January, he G-chatted… Then he got drunk and messaged me again…” The argument of this article is that the internet and technology allowed for this relationship to happen even though it work out in the end. The second article “Hooked on technology, and paying a price” by Matt Richtel is about how one family has been effected by technology. One quote states technology results in distractions that “…can have deadly consequences, as when cellphone wielders and train engineers cause wrecks… these urges inflict nicks and cuts on creatively and deep thought, interrupting work and family life.” The argument for this article is that technology has more of a negative effect on people because of the husband of Mrs. Campbell was so involved on his laptop, phone, and tablet that he hardly focused on his family life and forgot to pick up the kids from school and lost track of time. These two articles intersect that technology has helped their lives by either allowing a relationship to blossom or allowing a person increase his business and make it even more profitable. Richtel’s article is about how technology can take over one’s life and consume them in it. One thing that I can relate to, is that when going to the bathroom I take significantly longer time using it then I have ever done before. I am not a good multi-tasker because you brain cannot physical focus on multiple things at one time, so I work on one thing at a time. Richtel’s article is persuasive because he uses a firsthand account that shows what technology can do to the family life and spending time with your family.


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