Blog #3 (This never posted)

-First and foremost, I absolutely love this article. As a future educator I love the idea of wondering for wonder’s sake, and I find comfort in the thought that no one has all the answers. Ian Leslie’s argument is that there is no more wondering, and with this ability to know everything right away, it eliminates the need and desire for other information surrounding the subject. That Google has gotten rid of our ability to have an expansive thought process and really mull over what it is you’re wondering about.

-The “information gap” is defined in the article as “When you know just enough to know that you don’t know everything, you experience the itch to know more.”. In other words, from what I understand, it is the realizing that you don’t have all the answers, and that makes you want to look for all of the answers. This is relevant to me for a few reasons, one of them being that I grew up in the age where kids DO kind of think they know everything, and when they find that they don’t, they obsessively search, more to be right than to gain information. It’s relevant to the argument in a different way, where Google, the very thing that enables us to know almost everything, and to think that we have access to all of the answers in the world. And becausewe thing we have access to all the answers, there is no reason to think and critically solve your own problems, because you can just look them up.

-“Google Makes Us All Dumber” is tonally more matter-or-fact, and mildly angered at our lack of inquiry. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is tonally sad, urgent, and somewhat hopeful that things can change with enough awareness. I find “Is Google Making Us Stupid” to be more persuasive, because it is from someone who admittedly is affected by the ability to search. Lastly, I absolutely buy the arguments in the articles. I agree wholeheartedly that our society is losing not only its ability, but its interest in wondering, and working through an issue


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