Graph 1-

Graph 2-


ILA #5

  1. Both of these graphs appealed to me very much. They are simple, clear and concise. I do not have to try to pick out information and spend time trying to understand what the graphs are about. Their colors, lines and bars are all easy to read while conveying the information effectively.
  2. The first thing that comes to mind looking at the first graph is the instant sense of correlation. What I mean by that is that I can easily see how much customers are searching for food recalls on the Internet in relation to the food recalls themselves. Each year a food recall happens, the Internet searches for it go down. What comes to mind looking at the second chart is the different layout. The x-axis is in the middle of the graph rather than at the very bottom. This isn’t a bad aspect at all and I like that it’s a bit different.
  3. For the first graph, I was a fan of how the USDA used colors. Each line on this graph was each a vastly different color from the next. This helped in deciphering which category of online searches for disease that these lines represented. For each graph there is a white background that helps highlight the content. However, I wish that both graphs were a bit more exciting. They are both somewhat plain, but at the same time that is what makes them clear and easy to read.
  4. For the first line graph I honestly wouldn’t change too much. I like the overall layout, colors and clarity of it. However, I might not have put every single year from 2004-2014 on the x-axis. It is a bit crowded on this axis and can be somewhat of a distraction. I would also change the font to a bolder setting. This would further aid in the overall understanding of the graph. The last thing that I would change about the first graph is the spacing between the lines. It’s not too bad as is, but if there were a bit more space the exact numerical values that the lines represent could be better read. I wouldn’t change too much on the second graph either. The first thing I’d change would be making the x and y-axis bolder and more defined. This would aid viewers visually. The second aspect that I would alter would be the color scheme. The bars are green but the top of the graph is blue. I feel that a more matching color scheme would make the graph more appealing. The last aspect of this graph that I would change would then be to list more greens that were bought as substitutes for spinach on the y-axis. This would just add a bit more detail to the graph since it is a bit sparse.









I am mapping the amount of products recalled in 2015 due to allergen contamination and which allergens caused the most recalls. I chose to plot this data using a bar graph. This format was chosen because I have a hard time creating these and this format was simple for me. I also chose this format because it conveys the information in a simple and easy way to read.


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