Graph Number 1 (


  1. The graph goes from 1985 to 2016 and is about rice production and area used to plant. It is also a very bland-looking map. It also has two Y-axes.
  2. The data shown on the graph does match what the title says it is about. It is a little confusing at first but once you figure out what is going on it is a very effective graph.
  3. I like the idea of almost putting 2 graphs together to show different but connected data.
  4. One thing I would change would be the colors of the graph because I feel they are bland and do not stand out. The second thing I would change would be the way the years are labeled at the bottom because the bars and the years are off and hard for the reader to understand. Lastly, on the rice production axis, the label, Million cwt, needs to be explained because not everyone know what “cwt” means.


Graph Number 2 (

  1. This graph has two y-axes and the labels are confusing at first glance.
  2. The idea for this graph is to show how frequent American adults purchase fast food by household type.
  3. I really like the color contrast between the bars and the line
  4. I would change the line to a bar to better show the comparison between the data. Other than that I see nothing else that I would want to change.


(Data on Blackboard)

I graphed the percentage of modified corn planted in Illinois in the past 16 years. I chose this data because it was most relevant to my topic for my project. I chose a line graph over a bar graph because with a line graph you can clearly visualize the downward trend in the use of modified corn in Illinois. I also chose the 2 different color lines because it is easier to tell which line is because in the data, the lines intersect and that could get confusing.


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