1. The color variation really stood out to me. The way they applied information in a map is another thing I noticed.
  2. It is describing the highest and lowest percentage of food insecurity. It also covers every state and varies it by color to show the differences in size and population.
  3. I like the use in the variation of the purple. I wish I could have seen more percentage to distinguish exactly the highest from the lowest in detail.
  4. I would add the rates in detail. Upgrade it more to 2016. I would add in the bottom a description to help people understand the map more.


  1. How they differentiated adult obesity rate using different colors depending on the percentage and applying it on a map really stood out to me.
  2. The graph is comparing different rates of obesity in every state in the United State. It also describes in depth the highest rate and where it is.
  3. I don’t really like the use of green on the map. However, I really love how they present the obesity rate. It was also great how they showed the highest one in a side note.
  4. I would love to see the statics taking for 2016. I’d change the colors so people can notice the difference more. I would also take out all the unnecessary boxes.
  5. unknown


In my graph I talk about the obesity rate in different countries. A bar graph was the best to explain the data I wanted to present. The huge part of me choosing red is not because its my favorite color but also because it is known to grab people’s attention and it’s appealing to the eye. I was confused on how to add dates and more information because i’m so bad in this so I wish I could have done that and I tried making the labelings down more organized and failed.


One response to “ILA 5

  1. I love the second graph. It reminds me of night-vision cameras, so it immediately got my attention as well. For your graph, while I also love the color red, I think that a pink background does not suit too well for the red bars; it actually makes it more difficult for me to read. In all, it still is not a bad graph! Good work.


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