The first graph I chose was, “Non-Hispanic Blacks were the only racial/ethnic group to increase whole fruit and total fruit consumption between 1994-98 and 2007-08.” The first thing I notice is that at first glance I didn’t really understand what I was looking at. The first idea that I got from the chart was that Non-Hispanic Blacks increased fruit consumption, but their fruit consumption levels were still under that of other races. I like how they used orange for orange juice and a light peach for apple juice, very visual. I dislike how the first time is between 4 years, and the second time is only during 1 year. One thing I would change is the time range, make them even, either do 4 years or 1 year. A second thing I would change is maybe do a slightly different color variation between the races. A third thing would change is to maybe make it a circle graph, they are more visually appealing to me.

The second graph I chose was, “Obese adults spend more time watching TV and movies and less time engaged in sports and exercise.” The first thing I thought was literally, “No shit obese adults don’t exercise as much, why is this a graph?” The idea being conveyed is that obese adults spend more time than others watching tv, and less time than others engaged in exercise. I disliked how outstretched the timeline was. One thing that I would change is for the x-axis to change exponentially. The watching tv and movies bar is so large you can barely see a difference between the other activities. A second thing that I would change is a different color scheme, I don’t feel like the colors mesh well together.


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