The first graph that interests me is the “U.S. meat and poultry exports are expected to rise”.  The first thing that I see when I look at this graph are the three distinct colors: red, green, and off-white. I also see that the projected dates on this graph look differently than the amounts of the dates that have already occurred. I also see that this graph is increasing. I see that each color represents a different type of meat. This graph accurately shows what is trying to be portrayed because it is increasing and it is trying to show how the exports of meats will increase in the next years. After the graph hits past 2016, the graph looks a little skewed. I wish that it was the same shape of graph, but may just a grayer area. If I could change anything it would first do smaller increments when counting the years so I could accurately see how it went up or down in certain places. Secondly, I would try a line graph to see how the lines intersect and match up with each other.

The second graph that interests me is “Chicken’s popularity makes it the most consumed U.S. meat”. At first I see three different colors and the graph is increasing. It shows that at the beginning of the 1900s, chicken was the least popular meat, but by 2008, chicken has increased to the most popular consumed meat. This graph gives good information dating all the way back to the early 1900s. I wish I saw the amount of availability of each animal instead of just the consumption.  I would change the blue and green colors because they are very similar to each other and when they are intertwined with each other it makes it a little difficult to see. Also, I would have liked to see smaller increments. Since the timeline is so long it makes it difficult to see how close together the pork and beef are. At the end of the day, it is okay because the main focus is the chicken and they got their point across very clearly.

My graph is data that I have found through researching for my research. I derived these totals from a table used on page 42 of Ruxton’s article.  This graph shows the different types of meats that can be consumed and color coats them and lines them up with each other to show the comparisons. I used this kind of graph so that it was easier to compare each type of


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