Number of People, by household food security status, 2015

  1. The piece of the pie chart that is separated from the rest and the easy to look at color scheme.
  2. This chart is telling me how many people lived with different food security statuses. One thing that I do not understand is what the definition of food security is. I have the numbers, but I am not sure exactly what they mean. By the look of the chart, it does not look like household food security status is a big issue.
  3. Likes: How easy the chart is to read and how the numbers are clearly stated.

Dislikes: Levels of food insecurity are just given a label and not a numerical value

Wishes: Definition of food insecurity by household

  1. First I would include a definition of food insecurity so that my data would be more clear. I would also not give labels to the different groups, but a numerical value. Lastly, I would further categorize the chart by including where the different households are located in the country

Dry Pea and Lentil Production, Harvested Are in US

  1. The two tone bars and the line that connects them all
  2. This chart describes the production of dry pea and lentil, and also the area used to produce these crops. The chart has 2 different y axis’ which is a little bit confusing and different. By the look of the chart, the production of these crops steadily grew over the years documented.
  3. Likes: Good color scheme and displays a lot of information

Dislikes: The years are given as 2 year periods so I am not sure when one starts and one finished

Wishes: The x axis was labeled differently

  1. First, I would not stack the bars, but put them side by side so it is easier to tell how much of each crop was produced. I would also not use a projection because it could skew the data. Lastly, instead of using two y axis’ I would just use two different graphs.



newplotThis graph is the percentage of GMOs used in corn, cotton, and soybeans in the US from 2000-2016. This data was easily accessible, and it clearly shows the increase in GMOs over the years. I wanted to make this graph easy to read, and I wanted it to be easy to tell the numerical values. I spaced the y axis out by 5 to achieve this. The color scheme I used is easy to read, and looks very nice on the white background.


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