Prices received by dairy farmer

The first thing that I noticed about this chart was the different colors and the different types of lines they used to show the three things the farmers spent money on. I think that this chart is trying to show the difference and comparison in price for the all-milk price, the total feed cost, and the margin. I like how this graph shows data over a 10 year period, so we can compared the prices. A change I would like to see to this graph is making the graph wider so you are able to see the differences in price better. I would add the conversion on the chart of “hundredweight” because many people do not know what that is. I would also put what prices are added up to equal the margin.

Prevalence of food insecurity

The first thing I noticed when seeing this graph is that the topic is about food insecurities, which is related to my topic for my research project. I think that the chart is trying to convey which states are dealing with food insecurities above U.S. average because the color of it stands out to me the most. However, I wish the graph was an average over many years rather than just two years. One thing I would change about the graph is using another color rather than shades of purple. I think that using all shades of purple makes the graph boring. I would like to see a magnified part of the map for the north east states because they are rather hard to see. I would also like the see averages at the bottom of the graph of what is considered average, above average, and below average.

Common GMO Products

The data I mapped was the common products that contained GMO’s in the year of 2014. I used the four most common products. I am not good with making graphs with technology so, I did something simple for me to create. I also wanted something simple for my viewers to read. The graph is somewhat boring, but it does give information about how many million hectares contain GMO’s for each crop. I used a bar graph because I thought it would be easier to read rather than another type of graph.

GMO Source



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