1. There is two different lines on this line graph, both on an upward slope. The yellow line is rising faster than the purple line.
  2. Both graphs show “potential” of two different income cap acts. The graph shows that less farms will be ineligible under 2014 income cap.
  3. I like how simple the graph is but I’m still confused on what the graph is portraying.
  4. Other than clarifying the income gap acts there is nothing on this graph i would change.

  1. First thing I see are bar graphs that show two different topics. The graphs are also upward sloping.
  2. Its showing paid and unpaid hours per size of cow heard used for milking.
  3. The graph appears to be pretty basic, but there is a lot going on in the graph.
  4. I would make the bar graphs into two separate graphs so it is easier to understand. I would also not add average milk production graph because it makes it confusing. Finally I would add data from other years besides 2010 so they can be compared.



My graph shows how much money farmers received in subsidies from the year 1995 to 2014. I chose to make a graph on corn subsidies because it is related to my topic which is the Economics of Food. Since this graph is showing the data over time I thought it would be easiest to make a line graph. This information just shows how much the government is paying farms and how it increasing every year.


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