1. It uses dual bar graphs to compare restaurants easily and uses colors that stand out. The title is straightforward about what the graph is representing.
  2. The only misleading aspect of the chart is that it is zoomed in to 0-50%. If paying closer attention, it really is saying 56% of people would often use the nutritional information at restaurants.
  3. I like the purpose of the graph and it grabs the reader’s attention by making it seem like most people use the nutritional information at restaurants. This could lead to more people being more aware about the nutritional facts of what they are eating.
  4. I would change the dual bar graphs and maybe make it into two separate graphs, because it shows that people do not care as much as fast-food restaurants. Making them separately could emphasize both types of restaurants the same. I would also change the wording on the x-axis. Lastly, I would add a label to the y-axis to show readers what the percentage actually means.


  1. The first thing I notice is the major decrease from the blue and orange bars. I also notice the colors are bold, but compliment each other.
  2. The chart satisfies the intent it wants because the difference is obviously drastic in the decrease of trans fat used in food products.
  3. I like how the decrease is obvious to the reader and it sources the USDA which is a reliable source. The one thing I did not like was that it could be misleading, because even though the change looks drastic the average transfat only decreased by .1 – .3 grams.
  4. I would change the title so that it was more catching to the audience. I would also change it to a line graph. Lastly, I would change the range on the y-axis.


In this graph I chose data about caffeine per mg that is in coffee, teas, soda, candy, etc. I displayed it in the graph in the form of comparing each type of food/drink with the average amount of caffeine in them. I decided to use a bar graph because I thought it would visualize the comparison the best by showing the highs and lows of each product. I also made it hot pink, because the bold color would grab the reader’s attention. Overall I think the graph successfully displays the data I wanted to provide to the reader in a satisfying and correct way.


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