For my first graph, I chose a graph representing the usage of meat thermometers in households with children.


1. The first thing I noticed in this graph, and the thing that caught my attention, is the bright colors it uses. I also found the topic in general interesting, because it, in a way, reinforces the theory that having children around leads adults to be safer.

2. The information included on this chart seems to be accurately represented,  the information seems to be presented in a way that doesn’t mislead the reader.

3. I wish that the graph was a bit more descriptive of itself, however, because when I first looked at it, I had to read the information below before I understood it. Depending on the audience, this good be a pro or a con, but for my viewing it was definitely a con. I would change

4. I would change the descriptions to be a little bit more filling and explanatory. I would also adjust the colors of the “Men” and “Women” columns to match the stereotypical baby blue and light pink, simply because it’s more recognizable. The third thing I’d probably change is the spacing between the bars that fit into the same “category” (Gender, Households w/ children), as I feel it look a lot smoother and more pleasing to the eye (at least mine).



For my second graph, I chose to focus on the amount of money U.S. farms make from each type of livestock/poultry.

1. The first thing I noticed was the HOT PINK. It sticks out, along with the bright yellow, and caught my eye as soon as I could see the color at the bottom of the page.

2. The chart seems to be representing the data appropriately, treating all of the data the same and not zooming to make a small difference look like a drastic increase.

3. I personally don’t like the amount of different types of animals on the chart, and the contrast of colors. The colors, despite popping out, are all over the place and become a bit eyesore after a few seconds.

4. The first thing I would change is the colors, due to the fact that, despite popping out, the sharp contrasts don’t particularly agree with my eyes. I would also separate the data into individual animals, as there is a cluster of information, and particularly with the groups that provide far less, it seems as if the difference should be more visible (5 billion dollars on the graph doesn’t look like what it is in the real world). I’d also add the percents for how much they profit they provided to make an easy read for the audience.cattlereceipt-1


For my chart, I took the Cattle/Calves data from the second graph I analyzed.I wanted to put more emphasis on this area, seeing as 49 Billion is a much bigger number than it appears to be on the original graph. I chose to zoom in towards to tops of my graph to show how big of a difference a 0.7 Billion dollar increase actually is. For style, I used a bright green, but not one that I found too bright, in order to grab the audience without hurting their eyes. I went for a horizontal bar graph over a vertical, only because horizontal bar graphs look more organized and ‘smart’ to me.


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