1. The first thing I noticed was the red and black lines. They are in the center and the colors pop.
  2. I thought it was interesting that the government is spending more on nutrition research.
  3. I wish the graph was more colorful. It seems informational, but not eye-catching.
  4. First I would add more color. This would make it more interesting for readers.  Second. I would add information for more recent years.  This chart only goes up to 2009. It would be hard to make conclusion based on this data for what changes should be made today.  Finally, I would clarify what the “Million 2007 dollars” in the left corner is. I have no idea what it means.



  1. The first thing I noticed was the blue bars in the background. I thought this looked really cool because it is different than most charts I see.
  2. I was confused why the poor spent more money on food. After I looked closer I understood that it was talking about percentages rather than actual dollars.
  3. I liked the bars in the back of the line graph. It is unusual and it caught my eye. It made me want to see what it was about. I did not like how it was never actually explained. I tried to figure out how it meant, but I was unable to. I also like how the right ride of the graph was utilized to include additional data.
  4. I would add a little explanation of what the blue bars mean. I was confused.  Secondly, I would make the blue line a different color so that it is not the same as the bars.  I would also clarify the data on the far right. It is confusing as well.




My chart depicts the percentage of empty calories from sugars and fats out of the total daily calories of 2-18 year olds. I wanted a simple, eye-catching chart that would be easy to read. I liked this set of data because it included sugar, which is something that I discuss in my research assignment.  I also choose this set of data because it shows what a huge portion of the diet these empty calories make up.


2 responses to “ILA 5

  1. I do agree with you that on the first graph that it is lacking color and if more were added, it would definitely make the content seem more interesting. I also like the simplicity of your pie chart, it’s easy to follow and I like that it specifically targets 2-18 year olds.


  2. I agree with you about how the second graph is confusing. I thought I understood it, because lower income people are spending a higher percent of their income compared to people who make more money, but then the dollar amounts on the right hand side are confusing. I enjoyed the pie graph you made. It clearly conveys the information needed and shows how much empty calories children are getting in their diet.


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