Is Handwriting Really That Important?

This article has definitely persuaded me in a way. I was always told to hand write my notes so it would be easier to remember for a test or exam. The article persuaded me because it actually used studies of kids who had to hand write things and had to type things. The studies in the article said the children who used hand writing could learn and remember better than those who did not. I like to take notes by hand compared to using a laptop, but in some cases I still think a laptop would be better. I believe that in lecture halls with a professor that moves through material quickly, it would be best to have a laptop to take notes in order to keep up. Although it would be best afterwards to hand write your same notes in order to remember better. I remember taking CRJU 101 last year with an instructor that spoke incredibly fast. She also noted that anything she said during a lecture had a possibility of being on the exam, so we had to write everything down. Notes would be missed and I would have to study in a group in order to piece together the lectures for an exam. If I were to change the way I took notes, I would probably rewrite them after jotting them down so it would be easier to look at later on because my handwriting for my notes is pretty bad. I would be able to implement this article into a research paper because it cites studies from credible sources. Its purpose is to persuade and it does just that. The article is relevant because it is focused on a topic that is pretty narrow, which is the importance handwriting in education. The level of specialization for this article is actually pretty general because it only points to works of a few sources and appeals to a general audience. The publisher is a well known one with a lot of authority and the author of the article also is a contributing writer to the website and has her own book. I feel like the article is pretty accurate because it cites studies from psychologists from many different universities and holds weight.


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