Blog Post 5

I honestly believe that the benefits of handwriting really outweigh the benefits of typing. While typing is easier and faster, I feel like I do learn better when I hand-write. It forces me to think about every letter I write because there is no backspace, although most people have erasers. I am also of the thought process that the more you know, the better off you’ll be. What could it hurt to learn how to write legibly? As far as the studies, it is interesting when they brought up Dr. James’ study how physically hand-writing words lit up three different areas of your brain, which leads you to believe that hand written words definitely do increase your learning activity in your brain. That being said, I am not totally convinced that this is the reason why some kids learn quicker. Maybe the fact that the children are still learning to write has an effect on their learning activity in their brain. This study doesn’t suggest that the kids already knew how to write, in fact, they were allowed to copy the letter. Maybe the act of learning caused those three areas in their brains to light up. It does take more effort to learn to hand write then to match a letter on a keyboard. I would use this article in a research paper for several reasons. First, the credibility is definitely there because The New York Times is one of the oldest most trusted newspapers in the US. Second, the article is well written and very specialized including several professional studies, but it’s not too specialized where the everyday reader couldn’t understand what it was talking about. Lastly, the author has a stance, but remains relatively factual in presenting the findings of studies. The only time she throws out any type of interpretation of facts, the facts were interpreted by an outside source.


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