What is Lost as Handwriting Fades

Throughout the article “What’s lost as Handwriting Fades,” the author Maria Konnikova speaks very persuasively to her audience on the topic about the importance of writing by hand. Me being a part of the audience, I am especially persuaded by the article because I am able to connect to the piece on the personal level as well as give her credibility with her sources of experiments being from not one, but four credible and prestigious research groups from different universities. With the article specializing on the idea that handwriting is an important tool for the most efficient learning, I could not help but think about my own need for writing things by hand because of my heavy dependence with kinesthetic learning. I succeed most by writing notes down and then rewriting them because it seems to stick better in my mind after repetitious writing. After immediately connecting on a personal level to Konnikova’s point, she persuades me even more with her credible sources from various universities, each building on the neurological observations on the different variables of “writing,” each concluding that handwriting takes use of more areas of the brain than connecting dots or even typing on a keyboard. Taking experiments from more than only one university research group really aids in Konnikova’s point because the more separate evidence that points to the same conclusion, the better the credibility. When referencing The Everyday Writer, there are a few important evaluation points that make it credible enough for a research paper. With the article’s publication dating being 2014, the usefulness toward a research paper on the topic of handwriting can really benefit with this piece. Also with it only being published in 2014, the article is incredibly relevant because it has great pertinence with the relevant controversy about how technology is affecting children’s development.  This article also is usable for a research paper because it has credibility of its publisher, The New York Times, because it is a dependable news sources that the everyday reader of news readers trust. Overall Konnikova’s article is well structured and is easily persuasive and is also great for a research paper on the topic about handwriting.


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