The Medium is the Message


The article entitled “The Medium is the Message” written by Marshall McCluhan is an article about how information is presented to us, and more importantly the way that the information is presented. Through out the article, McCluhan attempts to explain to the readers that the medium through which information is passed is the true message in most situations. McCluhan then goes on to explain multiple situations in which the medium means more than the actual message. One example is when a machine is introduced into industries. McCluhan would rather we be more concerned about the way in which the machine is used other than the fact that there is more automation in the industrial plants. One of the better examples in the entire article is when McCluhan talks about the introduction of the train into modern society. He goes on to explain that the invention of the train did not invent the idea of transportation itself, however it was used as an additional mode of transportation and helped industrialize cities. This use of the train is quite different from the way it is used to transport freight across the country. McCluhan then takes his argument further when he introduces the invention of airplanes into his argument. He states that “the airplane, on the other hand, by accelerating the rate of transportation tends to dissolve the railway form of city, politics and association, quite independently of what an air plane is used for”.



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