Medium Is The Message

In McLuhan’s book, he explains how the medium used for something is the actual message being proclaimed. How the medium is an extension of ourselves or technology. Although, I am not entirely sure what he is talking about throughout this whole chapter, I think what he means by this is that without us or the technology to create something (medium) then it wouldn’t be there. So in a deeper thought, the medium extends from us. He supports this is another way with light. In his case, light is the medium and a baseball game or surgery is whats happening, but without the medium (light) the baseball game or surgery couldn’t have happened. So in concept, the medium is needed for something to be read, seen, understood, done, etc. So without the medium it cannot be any of these things, making the medium the message.

I am not sure what’s really going on in this chapter. It was very in dept to read and honestly gave me a headache. I don’t know if I understood it really for that matter but in class we talked about an entire medium, it is made up of multiple other mediums. Example (from class) Writing -> Speech -> Thoughts -> Language. So all of these are mediums that go into a certain medium. Its like a process. To start something you process the language in your head (a medium) which forms into thoughts (a medium) which will lead you to do speeches (a medium) which will lead you to publish a writing (a medium). Many mediums are used in everything, not just one particularly.


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