Blog Post #5

Personally, I found Maria Konnikova’s article, “What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades,” to be very persuasive. The idea of greater brain activity from writing by hand is easy for me to accept because she references studies which show these results. For example, Konnikova specifically references “A 2012 study led by Karin James, a psychologist at Indiana University, [that] lent support to that view.” I am personally persuaded to change my note taking behavior in order to process information more efficiently. Compared to typing notes, “we learn letters better when we commit them to memory through writing, memory and learning ability in general may benefit.” Konnikova also describes writing as “a process of reflection and manipulation that can lead to better understanding and memory encoding.” The overall benefits of hand writing notes are too good to pass by. While it may not be saving trees it may be saving my grade in a class.

After evaluating the article’s usefulness and credibility I would use it in a research paper. The topic discussed is relevant in the world today because more and more people are typing instead of writing. The source is written for the general public so no group is being addressed specifically which would change the way Konnikova presents information. Also Maria Konnikova can be seen as a reliable and unbiased author because of her past published works of literature and the support of the New York Times, which is known for putting out reliable news and information. Konnikova also cites her sources throughout the article, like her visuals for example are followed by a description and then credit to the original source. The time of publication is June 2, 2014 so the information is relatively current and is not likely to have changed significantly since publication. While the article may be in favor of hand writing things, it remains relatively unbiased because opposing opinions are addressed.


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