Blog Post 5

I found this article to be very persuasive about the effects of handwriting notes and other valuable information in order to retain the information better. Several studies have been done including the one referenced in the article show that handwriting notes make you more likely to remember the information and understand it better than if one is to type them. Writing does lack in speed, but it is compensated with the mental benefits. For instance, copying a sentence word by word helps to make and promote connections in the human brain when typing does not. Also, writing forces the individual to slow down and focus on what they are copying before printing it out on paper. At the same the time it also gives a second reading which helps memorize the information. Along with the research provided, personal experiences help to vouch for the truthfulness of the claim. For example, most people my age grew up writing everything by hand with little to no typing on an electronic device. Now transitioning over to mainly typing and having all this technology around let’s say 6th or 7th grade. Noticing this change has showed me a difference in what my young me did to what I do now. When evaluating this article to be useful in a research paper, I would say the purpose is really proportional to a paper discussing the importance and benefits of writing by hand. It’s because It includes relevant studies from the University of Washington and UCLA which help to support the argument for pro-handwriting, but also acknowledges that the scientists/researchers that don’t fully believe in this claim. For the specification of the article, it is quite explicit. It makes a direct claim about the benefits of handwriting and provides several qualified sources to back the claim made in the article. The article’s sources include two credible and above average universities with doctors from each. These doctors include Dr. Karin James and Dr. Virginia Berninger. As the author is concerned, a google search will show you a very highly regarded Maria Konnikova. She has several published books as well as a strong background in psychological and literary writing. The date of publication is only two years old, so you can infer that there has been some significant progress made in the field since the article was published to further support the claim. Accuracy can be found to be quite real and not faked. The provided information has been backed up by credible and reliable sources. The article also presents a bias in favor of handwriting and also gives quite a large amount of supporting information. But also acknowledges the opposing side and perspectives, as well as the known individuals in the field who do not agree that handwriting helps retain information better.


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