Blog Post #5

Reid Howard

Mr. Padgett

ENG 102

Blog Post #5


Is handwriting still relevant?

I chose to go with question #1 because I am interested in that point of the argument. Some say the age of writing is extinct and everything should be typed. I disagree and personally think that writing is still important and much easier to recall as you look back at notes and examples you worked out by yourself on pen and paper. I am heavily persuaded to a point that I actually might be bias toward thinking that writing is the ultimate way to record notes. I realize I need to try and use hand written notes as often as possible because like in paragraph 2, it says that handwriting and broader educational development run deep. If I had the choice to type or write I will write because it is linked to a better rounded education. Writing notes is more time consuming and more difficult but it brings up the best results, so how could you turn that up to typing.

I would consider using this source in my research topic if it had more relevance to my topic. My topic is slightly related to this article but not enough for me to use it as a strong point. In my research I was looking at how technology affects the human attention span. If the reason writing is the better form of taking notes because technology is too much of a distraction then I would have no choice but to put that in my research as a credible source but it is not relevant enough for my topic. This article was originally written for experts in the field and then released to the public after some feedback from experts. The list of works cited that accompanies this source is average and has good support. The author of this article is trying to sell an idea that writing is the superior version of note taking.


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