Blog Post 4


In the article, Passengers it expresses the authors humiliations during his teenage years. Every teenager dream was to get their license and drive to school. In this circumstance things were different the kid had manual car at home. He go in details explaining the first day when his father showed him how to change the gears on the Subaru they had home. The kid messed up so much stalling out his friends made up a name just for him. As the days went on the teenager got very fluent with the gears it started to become natural.  Two years went by the young boy totaled the car and he was forced to drive a Ford Pinto. The young boy was excited a first that he got a new car but then he started missing the manual car.  The automatic car started to bore the teenager he started missing hitting the clutch and switching gears at different speeds. He quoted that as time went on he started feeling as the passenger.

Carr writes “Where […] will culpability and liability reside should a computer-driven automobile cause an accident that kills or injures some one? This question alone is the reason why the self-driven cars are not on the road. I feel as that the company or the insurance company is accountable if a death or injury is to occur. I agree that self-driven cars are not equipped with right information to imitate the complex brain. In life you can do things at unconscious state and your body will manually take over, a computer is not applicable to do this.  Tactical learnings is procedural learning things that we know to do but it’s no clear cut answer to how it explain or code it. Procedural learning is hard thing to try to explain to a computer, so with this the computer will have errors and most likely cause accidents. The responsibility will lie with the companies who pursue this new invention and it malfunction. Comparing this article to “Is Google Making Us Stupid” he talk in a way to persuade the audience to the this new invention is not prevalent. Carr makes it seems as the intervention has moved a long way but still has much more things they need to pursue. “Is Google Making Us Stupid” I had this same very tone he give us facts on facts and then force his opinion.


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