Medium is the message

In Marshall McChluhan’s first chapter “Medium is The Message”, He discusses the fact that essentially everything is a medium. A good example was the electric light bulb. The light bulb itself is pure information, although it does not have any words involved with it. Which means it is a medium without a message. He brings up the fact that if it were to spell out a name or ad, then it would present you with another medium. In McChluhan’s words, “This fact, Characteristic of all media, means the content of any medium is always another medium.”Another particularly good example was when he said, “The content of writing is speech, just as the written word is content of print, and print is content of the telegraph.” All providing a medium for each other although completely different things.

Despite the extreme difficulty of the text, I was essentially able to get the main point of this reading. One particular part that intrigued me the most was when McChluhan brought up a plane breaking the sound barrier. He explains the concept of how sound waves become visible on the wings just as sound is about to end. This resembles the pattern he is discussing, how new and opposite forms of mediums form as the prior forms reach their peak of performance.


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