Medium is the Message

Marshall McCulhan’s “Media is the Message” talks about how we see and understand media. The point he makes throughout the reading is that the “content” that we perceive from media is just another medium. Lights are the medium to illuminate an advertisement but the advertisement itself is just another medium from which we interact with. Each medium has it’s own use for us as media consumers but its only when its used with what we see as content that we care for it. We use these mediums for ourselves and our social interactions evolve around that.

Personally I found this pretty hard to read, possibly because I’m not used to reading texts like this anymore, but regardless it was painful. The way he worded things made it difficult to understand the point he was trying to get across, and in the end I was left with more of a headache than new information. It could have been the subject matter, but I could not get myself to focus entirely on this reading.


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