Brendan Gillan

Ms. Thompson

English 102



                The pharmaceutical industry has had many problems and completely manipulated the majority of the population of America for many years. America is by far the most medicated nation in the whole world, with a shocking 70 percent of Americans taking prescription drugs daily. Scientists have even admitted they do not know much about the drugs they prescribe themselves. The big pharma industry is being wrongly controlled and manipulated by the government and will continue to do so until we do something about it.

The government and in particular the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done the majority of the American population an injustice. It is widely understood and accepted by those heavily involved in the medical field that prescription drugs can be dangerous and many have been recalled over the years for that reason. Dr. Gotzsche sums it up best when he says “Our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Our drugs kill around 200,000 people in America every year, and half of these people die while they do what their doctors told him- they die because of the side effects.” It does not make any logical sense that the government would approve of and advocate for something which accounts for the third biggest killer in America year after year. The FDA ultimately approves what can and cannot be sold for prescription, but the whole process is a complete joke. The FDA reasons that they need to make all of the money off of these pharmaceutical companies, and the best way of doing that is by letting them freely produce just about any sort of prescription pill possible. No one would ever think to hold the government accountable if they were to suffer the side effects of these pills. The only thing they would think to do is go directly to the supplier themselves, and this is exactly what the FDA wants. Our federal government will continue to make money on brand new drugs that we know little to even nothing about. We should be able to trust our doctors, who in turn should be able to trust science. In many cases, doctors do not even know the drug they are administering to patients. They are simply told they will get paid more and the drug will work just fine at a random convention. Even these doctors and physicians do not know at all what they are prescribing their patients.

A popular area of discussion pertaining to this topic is abuse. Any person can have surgery then be prescribed a powerful opiate. More often than not, this person can become dependent on this drug to avoid the pain and even function throughout the day. Is it a coincidence that painkillers are the most prescribed drug in the entire U.S.? More than seventy-five percent of those over 50 are currently taking prescribed medication. The government has and will continue to prescribe citizens of the United States addicting and physically harmful prescription drugs. It is up to us to take a stand against these companies and the government and say that enough is enough.









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