Claire Hughes

Mrs. Thompson

September 19, 2016

English 102

Diet Coke: Drink or Drug

Usually, when people hear the word “addiction,” their first thought generally turns to drugs or alcohol, which in most cases, they would be correct; however, their first thought almost never turns to caffeine addition—let alone diet coke addiction. The validity of Diet Coke addiction is a topic that has been repeatedly argued over by doctors, nutritionists, and even scientists as one that is either prominent within the American community or non-existent. The fact of the matter is, whether you believe it to be real or not, when you Google “diet coke addiction” thousands of different articles will pop up from real life people—these articles range from blogs about their experience, to scientific evidence and research, to symptoms and withdrawals, to even “cures.” The basic facts and idea of my topic that I am trying to reciprocate is: How prominent is diet coke addiction? How does it affect our everyday lifestyle: ranging from weight to basic functioning? What age groups suffer from it the most? If it is so bad for our health, why is it still allowed to be manufactured? While there are many articles explaining why diet soda addiction is real and how to fix it, there are just as many trying to debunk this theory. In general, the topic of diet coke addiction is not one that is as prominent as the topic of caffeine addiction—considering the fact that diet coke falls under this category. As said before, when people hear the word “addiction” their first thought is definitely not focused towards food or drink addiction, however, with obesity being as prominent as it is in our country, in time, the topic will become bigger and more people will become aware of the issue at hand. Although not the biggest topic at hand in our country, Michelle Obama made a point to try and fix the country’s obesity epidemic and has made it her mission to try and stop childhood obesity. She has had several campaigns for this, and always promotes and advertises healthy eating as well as “healthy drinking.” Several other organizations have attempted to help with this topic, and in New York, there was an attempt to pass a law to outlaw Super Sized drinks. This law, however, had a lot of negative feedback and ultimately was not passed because it was considering limiting American’s freedom. Even though the law was not passed, it still shows an attempt to try and curve weight gain due to soda. Something else extremely interesting about my topic, is that although the topic is not entirely the most popular, when people do think about soda addiction, their thoughts generally turn towards diet coke, not other sodas like sprite or mountain dew. Again, although not as popular it is extremely important to acknowledge the fact that this said addiction is very real and affects all different types of people, and in addition to those affected by it, there are also doctors and other people trying to help.


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