Manal Al Ruzaiqi


23 September 2016

Ms. Sara Thompson



Obesity has been a worldwide issue that has been going on for millions of years. Every time anyone writes about this issue they look at it from the same angle which makes people not bothered to read anymore. Through writing this paper I wanted to make people more aware of the hidden factors in obesity to the extent that they are willing to actually make a change. The following reasons are an example of the hidden factors. Firstly, how obesity is a worldwide issue and culture and traditions are factors that contribute to it.  Secondly, the industry’s role in obesity and how they are actually benefiting from it. Thirdly, the role of the government on obesity and how they might actually be trying to fix the matter instead.


As soon as people think of obesity they think of obesity they think America. America has been stereotyped into this category because of their so-called “American food diet”. Obesity is an actual worldwide issue that needs to be confronted and prevented. Countries such as Qatar, which has the highest rate of obesity, aren’t acknowledged but their culture and tradition is a huge contribution to their obesity. People there eat all the time food filled with so much fat without thinking of the consequence. This was only one example we know about one country, how about the others?


Although it is an obvious factor that people are obese because of the tactics food industries use to grab our attention to buying their products. An example for that is keeping junk food by the cashier so you can grab one while leaving. As soon as they saw people complaining and started doing something about it and they stood up with them. They didn’t stand with the overweight people in the way we think instead they saw that they could actually take advantage and make a profit. They would put the blame on the consumer for being fat in order to profit instead.


The government has been suffering from the issue of obesity. The spending of healthcare costs has been increasing as obesity increases which affects the economy. Therefore, the government has been implementing policies and programs to help prevent and decrease this issue. Reducing obesity requires so much more than what people think. They have to change more policies than they have already had and addressed more people to get them to start making a change. They started implementing these past few years and the results have been suggesting that applying these policies will be politically more difficult than they have expected it to be.



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  1. I like the topic that you picked. I myself also think that Obesity is an issue and needs to prevented. Although, my topic is on fasting, but I also have included little bit of American diet in there. You have a good amount of information to make your case.


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