Summer Blair

Sarah Thompson

English 102

23 September 2016


My topic for the Project Proposal of ILA 4 is the contributing factors of how weight gain effect the lives of college students. The availability of food sources has a large impact on students. There is not always a healthy eating option for students because they are putting most of their money into going to college itself.  I will also be talking about how students deal with their weight gain as they go through school. Weight gain is a leading source of depression for college students. Along with weight gain I will be talking about food insecurities.

Students are surrounded by many negative influences that contribute to weight gain throughout their college experiences. As a student, I see myself surrounded by other students who are suffering from alcohol abuse or binge drinking, drug abuse, lack of self control, stress from classes, and lack of funds. It is known that most college students gain the “freshman 15” within their first year of college. It is believed that this weight gain happens because of the easy availability of drug, alcohol, and unhealthy food.

When students see that they are beginning to gain weight they start to panic. Students, female and male, usually disregard the weight gain until they notice that their clothes do not fit as well as they did before. When this becomes a concern the student will look for a quick way to lose the weight. Purging and fasting are two of the most common ways students try to lose their weight quickly. Purging is vomiting by self inducement and fasting is keeping your self from eating any types of food or liquids. These types of weight loss practices are common in men and women. It is also common that depression will be a side affect from using these weight loss practices (Eating Behaviors).

Another reason that weight gain is a big issue in college students is because of food insecurities. Food insecurities means that the student has a limited availability or does not have availability to a healthier food choice. Medical Daily states that 59% of college students are suffering from malnutrition. This percent compared to any household is shocking. Only about 15% of households in the United states have food insecurities. It is not rare that college students worry about when they will receive their next meal. The expense that come with college increase every year, so it is common that students are on a tight budget. When students are on this tight budget, they will look for foods that are easy to get and at a cheap price. The first thought that goes through someone’s mind when thinking about easy food at a cheap price is a fast food drive thru. These fast food drive through is a big contribution to the cause of obesity of college students which is also a cause of food insecurities. However, these food insecurities go beyond weight. They also cause students to have problems with depression, stress, retaining information in the classroom, and being unhealthy in general (Medical Daily).

Davila, E.P., et al. “Relationships Between Depression, Gender, And Unhealthy Weight Loss Practices Among Overweight Or Obese College Students.” Eating Behaviors 15.2 (2014): 271-274. Academic Search Complete. Web. 23 Sept. 2016.

Borreli, Lizette, and Lizette Borreli Liz Is a Senior Reporter at Medical Daily Who Is an Outdoorsy Sports Enthusiast Focused on Sexual Health, Relationships and Healthy Living. Read More. “Why 59% Of College Students May Suffer From Malnutrition.” Medical Daily. N.p., 29 Jan. 2014. Web. 23 Sept. 2016.


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  1. I like that you’re taking a topic that is very close to home for all of us. All of us have been touched by food and meal plans in college. I know personally, I felt awful when all I had to eat was sodexo food, and it effected my health and energy. So I think it’s very interesting what you’re doing and my curious to find out more about your project.


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