Turn it off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture

Turn it off: Cell phones and Concert Culture focuses primarily on the use of cell phones at concerts. Author Zach Silva explains that mostly everyone that attends a concert in this day an age think to immediately pull out their phones and record any and all of the stunning moments with the intent of personal pleasure after the concert has passed. Although, Silva points out a very interesting point. Not only is it severely distracting to the people around you, but it also causes the recorder to actually pertain less of the concert mentally, because they are focused on watching it through a small screen instead of taking in the live affects. Not to mention if you actually go back and watch these videos, there is a big chance they are going to be awful quality images and terrible audio. Which means you wasted your time and money at the expense of your cell phone. In Silva’s personal experience, he explains that he witnessed people filming on their phones as well as texting their friends about it for almost the whole duration of the concert. They are essentially blocking those around them to networking on their cell phones so it is basically like they are not even there to begin with, but at the expense of other peoples enjoyment.

One part that intrigued me the most was when Silva brought up Beyonce’s quote, “You gotta seize the moment, put the damn camera down!” This is interesting because this is coming from an artist’s view. Their main purpose and goal is to reach out to their fans and touch them positively through their music. that entails being there mentally 100% so you can soak in all they have to offer. I personally feel that this is showing a lack of respect towards the artist because they want the crowd to be as enthusiastic as they are up on stage. But that cant be done when everyone is buried in their phones. I personally fall victim to this new idea, because I too do the same thing when attending a concert. it is almost like it is a part of our nature as an upcoming generation with such easy access to media devices. It is almost as if when something amazing is happening and you don’t have your phone out, then you are missing out on what all these people are recording. But in reality it is the quite opposite.


2 responses to “Turn it off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture

  1. I agree with your statement about showing respect to the performer, and how you cant do that if you are buried in your phone. If you are constantly distracting your self with your phone, just imagine how many people around you in a packed concert you are effecting as well.


  2. I agree that using a quotation from an actual performer on the issue really bolsters the writer’s argument. When the performer speaks out against cell phone usage at concerts, it is plain to see that it takes away from everyone’s experience of the event, and it shows that at least a few of the world’s artist take offense and are disrupted by theses actions. Especially using such a prominent and well-respected singer like Beyonce, the writer supports his claim very well.


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