Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture

Zach Silva’s article “Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture” discusses how technology can inhibit one’s concert experience. He includes a personal anecdote about a woman he witnessed at a concert he attended. The woman pushed her way to the front row of the concert, and proceeded to record the entire show. Silva comments that not only was this woman distracting to other concertgoers, she hindered her own experience by not being in the moment. Silva writes that “Concertgoers are now just as content watching live concerts through their phones or camera screens as they would be enjoying the concert without the technological temptation.” Many people simply  spend the entirety of a concert videoing it to watch later. Silva believes using a phone throughout the concert takes away from the real life experience. Not only are these people hindering their own experience, they also distract and block other people from getting the most from their experience.

Silva includes T-Mobiles report that 47 percent of any given audience text others during a show, while 32 percent engage in social media during a show. Smartphones offer temptation to concertgoers. Silva agrees that taking a few photos here and there to keep to remember the experience is a novel idea. He does say, however, that doing this in excess takes away from making actual memories. It is always tempting to pull out my phone at concerts, but the videos I typically take are never viewed again. It is always better to be in the moment and truly enjoy the experience while you are there.


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