Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture


In the Huffington Post article titled “Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture”, the author Zach Silva talks about how the feelings, sights, and sounds of experiencing a true music concert first hand. He also speaks about those individuals who insist on using their cell phones while at a concert. Silva understands that these people simply want to attempt to save the experience for a later period in time to relive and share with others. On the other hand, he wants these individuals to understand that their attempt to save their experience is detracting from someone else experience. Silva then begins to expound on why these individuals should put the phones down and enjoy the concert for what it is initially. As I previously stated, Silva understands why people attempt to record concerts but tells them that the video that they have is only going to be a jumbled mess of sounds from the concert. Silva even goes as far as to quote Beyonce when she told a fan “You’ve gotta seize the moment! Put that damn camera down!”. What Silva is trying to say is that nothing will be better than the first hand account of the concert. That experience is not worth the lesser secondhand experience that a recording offers. Nor is it worth the obstruction of someone’s experience.


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