Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture

The author, Zach Silva, opens up the piece by  a specific rock recollecting a concert he went to. He describes how so many of the people in the audience had their cell phones out and were recording the entire performance. He says that if that watching the  concert through your camera lens does not nearly provide the same enjoyment as being in the moment and watching the concert with your own two eyes. He states that some bands, often smaller bands, encourage people recording and sharing the concert with people so they can get more recognition.  However, the consensus by most bands/artists is they would prefer the audience put away their phones and enjoy the performance. Also that most big name band/artists will have quality audio or video of the concert to purchase later, and that it’s much better quality that anything someone can record on their phone. Another point he makes is that people would not whip out their phones and start recording an opera or a Broadway play, so how come we deem it acceptable to record a concert?

I find what Zach Silva to write to be so true that its not even funny. I have never been to a concert, but I feel as if I have been to many. Many of the people that I am friends with on Snapchat will record the majority of the concerts that they go to. So I know what the concert is like and what songs were played without even having to go it. Recording a concert should be illegal. Not only because you are recording a performance without permission, but because it ruins your memory of the concert, AND most people won’t even go back and watch what they recorded because its often shit quality.


One response to “Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture

  1. I find your comments about how recording concerts should be illegal very interesting, and know that I’ve thought about it, I agree. My friends are guilty way to often of what you said about snap chatting every moment of the concerts they go to. I barely miss anything that they’re experiencing being there and recording while I’m sitting at home in bed not having purchased any ticket. It is unfortunate that many of them will never realize how they are ruining the experiences of other and their own by not living in the moment.


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