The video is not worth it

In Zach Silva’s “Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture”, Silva provides a first hand account into the use of smart devices in music concerts. In his experience in which he shares, a women who made it to the front row with him and his friend spent the majority of the concert filming the act and messaging with friends. Which took away from Silva’s experience of the concert. He acknowledges that taking a few pictures won’t do much harm to anyone as long as a flash isn’t used, but that the constant recording of the show hinders not only the users experiences but the expediences of others as well. To the point were, at some shows artist will ask the audience to limit or even tell them not to use their smart devices during the show. I believe Silva put it best when he said, “Perhaps our consumer culture is too self-obsessed beyond repair. We only care about our own experience, without necessarily taking others into consideration.”

To be quite honest I am guilty of filming a concert over my phone, especially when I was younger. As I have gotten older and grown to appreciate my experiences more and more. I have come to realize what a mistake filming during a show really is. This is never more apparent then when I finally go back and re-watch the videos, typically right before deleting them to make room for other content I might add. Nothing is worse than watching a video of a concert and wanting to relieve the experience then right as your favorite part comes up, the part you are trying to capture, all you can hear is your own distorted voice. Or the fact that the microphone in your phone activates it’s noise gate due to the volume of the concert, essentially rendering the video useless. This is one of the most disappointing things I have experienced in my life. This is why I try not to waste my time video taping at concerts even though it may still be a reflex at this point.


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