Recording a live show

After reading Zach Silva’s article, “Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture” I had a lot on my mind regarding the, “issue” of cell phone use at concerts. While I was reading along with Silva’s personal anecdote about how his concert experience and how people taking videos and pictures on their phones were annoying I started to form my own conclusions about the matter that differ from Silva’s. First off I agree that in order to fully experience a concert, you need to immerse yourself in the moment, blocking out the distractions of your phone, and watch the concert. I disagree with Silva on the fact that people who are on their phones are, “Annoying”. Yes, a person with a super bright screen at a dark concert is forcing it, however the idea that people not enjoying the concert to the fullest is something annoying is ludicrous. So long as someone’s phone isn’t blocking peoples view, who cares about how they enjoy the concert? People like to record shows and take pictures, it allows them to cherish that moment forever. I felt as if Silva’s piece came off as self-righteous, the idea that only he knows the best way to experience a concert irked me. While I do agree with him that being on your phone takes your eyes off the concert and onto a tiny glass screen, I disagree that phone usage at a concert is a, “problem”. Silva’s arrogance was confounded when he admitted to taking pictures or videos at every concert hes ever been to. To me this came off as Silva belittling other people’s concert experiences because he didn’t think it was the best way to watch a concert. My visceral reaction after reading the article was that this guy is an, “Old head” (In the words of Lil Yachty). I felt as if Silva was remarking about how the youth aren’t appreciating concerts in the. Thank you Zach Silva of the Huffington Post for fixing the problem with cell phone use at concerts. Because of your heroic journalism, we can now have a national conversation about the most pressing issue in America today, people not experiencing concerts the way you think they should. All jokes aside I do agree with the fact that the best way to experience a concert (for me) is to put the phone away. What I don’t agree with, is that everyone has to experience a concert in a certain way or no way at all. So long as it isn’t actually obstructing anyone’s view…I say, “let my people record concerts!”



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