I’m a Pasanger in my Own Car

The article “Passengers” begins with Nicholas Carr’s story about when he got his license and was given a stick shift car to drive. He explained how he struggled to learn how to use all of the gears and pedals. His friends would make fun of him for his untimely gear changes and such and he eventually went on to wreck the car. He then got another car, this time it was an automatic transmission, making him feel like a new man at first. He now had a spare hand for his beverage and one to drive with. After a few months of this new luxury, Carr began to miss all of the control he had over his previous car. Yeah, this one was great and more efficient but it made him feel “underutilized” (8). He explains that this situation is very similar to the advancements of the technological world. Every profession has adapted to incorporate the use of a computer to make their lives easier. Yet, this makes us reliant on them so when they disfunction we are in a disarray. Secondly, there have been extreme technological developments so much that Google has cars that can now drive themselves. It’s honestly mind blowing. Side note, when I was very little I used to think my parents were the only people who actually drove cars and that everyone else just rode while the car was driven for them. Sometimes I didn’t even realize anyone was in the car. I wish I could explain why I failed to see the diver but for a very long time I thought that. Anyway, back to the article, these automatic cars supposedly have the ability to drive themselves and not need stoplights or any other form of traffic control because they are so smart that they would communicate to all the other cars and make a precise plan of where they would be at a specific time and every car would calculate that like .000000000000000001 seconds. Its crazy really. From how I interpreted the article, it made it sound like these automatic cars were not going to get into wrecks. However, if one were too I think it would be the company who’s uncharge of its action’s fault. This is because it controls its moves and ultimately could or at least should be able to intervene and stop the collision from happening. I think Carr’s tone is more against than for this new technological era but my interpretation of his view was not drastically one way or another. One time he’s talking about the automatic cars and says “how will it feel to become, truly, a passenger in my own car?” (14). Similarly, he mentions not liking not being in control anymore after getting a car with an automatic transmission. However like these two, most of his statements are pretty flat. In his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he more aggressive and adamant about how technology is ruining and changing the way we live our lives. For example, we have much shorter attention spans and only read things to find the answers.


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