Blog 4: Carr Chapter

In the first chapter of this book Carr writes a narrative about how he learned how to drive stick shift as a teen, and the struggles of learning this task. This narrative at the beginning helps the reader connect with him on a more personal level. The rest of the chapter goes into detail about the new technology of self-driving cars. He talks about how eventually technology will take over so much that teens will not even have to go through the agonizing months that we all had to spend learning how to drive, and passing all the necessary tests in order to finally achieve the task of getting a driver’s license.

In the case that a self-driving car were to injure or kill someone I think the liability falls on the manufacturers of the car. For example, in recent years many people have experienced malfunctioning cars that have had breaks that have suddenly stopped working. In this event the passengers in the car have no control over the vehicle. If a person is in a self-driving car has no control over the fact that their car injured someone then it should be the responsibility of the car manufacturers to help with the legal issues that would probably arise.

Carr’s tone in this chapter is a lot more relatable because of the story about himself that he shared at the beginning. It makes him seem a lot more credible and levelheaded about the use of technology. In his article about Google he seemed a lot more bitter and irrational about the use of technology in our society. In this chapter he seems to have accepted the presence of technology in society and is now looking at more specific cases that will be affecting our society. His tone in this chapter is a lot more genuine than his tone in the Google article.


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