Is Google Making Us Stupid?

In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, Carr discusses how obtaining information has changed over the years, especially with the introduction of the internet and search engines. Now, humans have all the information in the world at their finger tips, and what information used to take days in the library to find only takes minutes with search engines like Google. Carr also discusses how the internet has changed the way people read; people seem to skim through articles for important information instead of spending time reading the whole thing. Carr also explains how this has extended beyond the internet, an example of this being The New York Times publishing pages of “shortcuts,” which are the main points or the main idea of an article listed for quicker reading. However, this quick access of information can come at a cost, and it is only getting larger and larger the more technologically advanced our brains become.

I agree with Carr, and I think this article was very well written; I skim pages online just as Carr describes, especially reading the news. I also agree that this technological advancement needs to come to an end eventually; Sure, having all the world’s information available in our brain 24/7 would be very good for other technological advances, but I think that it could be bad for humanity as a whole. People go to school to learn how to learn on the world around them, not memorize information, and I think that having all this information in our head doesn’t mean we are smart. As humans, our ability to learn, remember, and draw conclusions based on what you’ve seen are the most important things to be able to do, and what makes us intelligent compared to other animals.

However, I will agree that the internet as it is today has sped up learning tremendously; however, it’s also easier to cheat or look up the answers to your problems rather than thinking them out yourself. This is why I think the internet can be bad. Human’s are starting to rely on information online instead of learning themselves; I know I’m guilty of this, having used programs to help me solve my homework, and I’m sure most other students can also admit to it as well.


One response to “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  1. I agree with your post. I also find myself just skimming and only looking of the important information in a text. We have definitely become too reliant on the internet to make conclusions for us and lost the capacity to actual learn and retain information rather than just memorizing it. However, I do believe that technology like search engines and the internet are still vital in the education of the human race as a whole because it has opened up doors to a new world of possibilities in learning and communication.


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