Blog post #4

The article “Passengers” is about the evolution of technology through cars. The article starts off with a first person experience of the author driving his first car which was not tech savvy at all being a manual old car. He then begins telling the story first hand of the technological advances beginning with an automatic transmission ending with cars that can virtually drive themselves. The author first loves the new automatic transmission but then begins to miss having complete control of the car, he questions how actually reliable the smart car that can drive. Asking how they can compute an algorithm that can take into all factors when driving, such as taking a left turn. The author isn’t for the recent technology replacing human aspects of life, the title of the article “passengers” relates to how he perceives humans now a days; as passengers to technology as it takes over human aspect of life.

            The responsibility completely lands at the feet of the producer of the automobile maker. To back Carr’s article if the person who purchased the car is the “passenger” to a google smart car that way driving off algorithms, they bought that car because the producer of the vehicle most likely put out the impression that the smart car is just as safe, if not even safer than a real human driver. In my opinion whoever would sit and let technology drive them around is insane, I would say for being dumb enough for buying that car they should be to blame. But realistically speaking the producer of the car is at complete fault, if someone was driving and crashed it would be their fault. So if the computer is driving and wrecks nothing changes, it’s the drivers fault and nobody else’s.

            Carr’s tone changes throughout the article, it first starts out as reliving his first driving experience as a giddy teen. But when he starts to talk about the technological advances and how he disagrees with them it becomes very serious. He wants to make his point clear that he is not for technology taking over human actions. It is similar to his last article “Is google making us stupid” where he uses personal experiences where his town isn’t to serious, but then we he breaks down into the problem he becomes very serious and really wants his argument heard and for people to join his side.


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