Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid” discusses the detrimental effect of the internet on our ability to process information and stay focused in general. He goes in depth with his personal experience of the phenomenon by explicitly stating that his ability to read articles and blogs has chronically decreased during his years of using the web. Carr explains the new feelings when reading online as “fidgety” and “like I am dragging my wayward brain back to the page”. It has clearly affected him along with others as he mentioned studies by a London University and others have proved that the internet is changing the way we think.

While the internet can make researching a lot more convenient than previously, one must also consider the negative impact of such convenience. I firmly agree with Nicholas Carr’s stance on this issue and I see it as a big problem we face as a society. Maybe it would be beneficial to closely monitor the time spent on the internet and how often we use it for convenient purposes as overuse can make us lazy. It is unrealistic to push for the ban of the internet because that will never happen (in the US) but a personal approach would be more effective and realistic.



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