Is Google Making Us Stupid?

“Is Google Making Us Stupid”, is an article written by Nicholas Carr. It presents the idea that technology, specifically the internet, is effecting the way people concentrate as a whole. The reader expressed that he has trouble reading any kind of long text. He says he can barely involve himself in any books anymore, even though he used to do all his research from paper. It was also said that if something is more than 3-4 paragraphs, it is hard to read and he has to just skim the information. His point was that technology is changing the way people think, for the worse.

I agree with what Nicholas Carr is saying. Even reading the article I stopped to look at my phone and computer even though it is only a couple pages long. I had trouble concentrating on the text. I read the first page fine, then started to doze off.  I do think people spend too much time on their phone, myself included. It becomes part of a routine, I always have my phone on me and constantly look at it.


One response to “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  1. I love the points you made but I wish you would have expounded more. I definitely agree with the point about noticing you were distracted while reading it. I had the same issue and thought it was very interesting that while reading it I was an example of what he said. There were some other points in the summary I wish were included but over all it was a very good broad overlapping summary. It made me think to maybe make mine shorter next time.


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