Google Makes Us All Dumber

In the article Google Makes Us All Dumber, Ian Leslie argues that with everything we would ever want to know can be looked up on google, people have been losing the want to inquire. Anything we want to know can easily be found in seconds, even if the question isn’t specific. Leslie makes a point in saying that “instant answers can leave us idling at base camp” which means that we lose our want for knowledge and research when we can just google and get a definite answer. The information gap is human curiosity. This is relevant to me because I can tell that the more I google answers, the less curiosity I have and the more I dread having to actually research topics. The information gap is relevant to Leslie’s argument as a whole, because the article is all about how we as humans have lost our drive and passion to question everything and we’ve lost our “itch to know more”. The article Is Google Making Us Stupid is a lot more casual and has a target audience of college students and young adults. The author really tries to make the article relatable by giving some of his personal experiences.  In the article Google Makes Us All Dumber, the author is a lot more formal and has a somewhat judgmental tone even though the majority of people use Google and other searching sites daily instead of researching every single thing they need to know the answer to. I found the article Is Google Making Us Stupid to be much more persuasive because I felt more connected to not only the author, but the article as well. I love how the author told his side of how Google and the internet affects him instead of putting down those who use Google and don’t inquire as much like the other article. I buy the arguments in the articles because even as I was reading them, I got distracted and did Google things, and I related to not being curious and seeking more knowledge


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