Google Makes Us All Dumber

As I first began to read Ian Leslie’s “Google Makes Us All Dumber: The Neuroscience of Search Engines”, I thought that he was saying exactly what the title says. That google is making us dumb. But as I continued to read the article I understood that he was not saying that google was making us dumb, only we could do that. And the way that we choose to use Google, is making us dumber. We don’t take the time to look through books, or read papers to find an answer to a question we may have because we have Google to make it easier for us. Leslie says that we are born “consciously ignorant” and we have to use questions to gain knowledge. As we grow older we become more aware of the resources that are available to us, and of course take advantage of them. Leslie refers to curiosity as the “information gap”. He says “When you know just enough to know that you don’t know everything, you experience the itch to know more.” I think that Leslie is saying that the way the people are using Google now, is making us lazier and it is causing the information to get smaller and smaller. He even says, “One day, the gap between question and answer will disappear.” We live in an age of answers and we are relying on search engines, such as Google, to answer all of the questions we ever have. Both Ian Leslie, and Nicholas Carr, seem to have somewhat of the same perspective, but also take different stances on the subject of human interaction with technology. Carr seems to believe that people nowadays have become reliant on Google, while Leslie feels that we can benefit from Google, but we use it the wrong way. In my opinion, Leslie’s article is more persuasive because it doesn’t come off as harsh as Carr’s article. Both writers make a good point, but I think that people would resonate with Leslie’s article a little bit more than Carr’s.


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