BlogPost: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Carr’s piece “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Is a focused peice on the possible and albeit likely possibility that quick information that is at our finger tips is affecting the brain. Carr comes out strong with a personal anecdote about his own noticed changes in thinking since Google’s advent. A strong thought I had to counter his point was Google and computer based information data bases have been around for decades at this point; so why would the changes be argued now? There should be clear correlation reflecting the use of Google with his hypothesis. We as a species have grown in intelligence since tools and every subsequent invention, evolving with each generations Informational needs. The speed of the change is the point of Carr that worries me because I agree with it; we are growing with a dependenceĀ and altered capabilities as critical reading is becoming obsolete in place of computer muscle and nerotranmitters that stretch the whole globe and create a repulsive hive mind of like opinions.

I was pulled in to Carr’s argument for several good reasons, first being the strong motif. The recurrence of Hal-9000 tickled my nerdy love for 2001: A Space Odyssey and the point took well that we are being replaced. Well perhaps being killed by technology or whatever the next step may be. Carr was perhaps over reacting but still he knew his arguments and gave them well. I’m still not convinced this is the end for humanity as a thinking complex, but the changes in how we CAN think is the important part to me. Efficiency is finally reaching levels that Hal would be proud of.


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