Blog Post 3

Leslie’s argument is that Google isn’t necessarily making us “dumber”, but it is allowing us to become lazier than we ever have been, which in turn, makes us dumber because we are less likely to learn. Instead, Leslie argues that we should become more interested in doing research ourselves. Maybe we should start researching through books. Leslie states that the children looking for answers learn so much because of the number of questions they ask. He suggests that maybe adults could continue to learn at a substantial rate if we continued to ask questions through inquiry. This would force us to look through books and find the answers, and maybe even find the answers to questions we didn’t really care about before we read about them. Leslie talks about the “information gap” as when we know just the right amount to realize that we don’t have the answer to everything. This makes us hungrier for an answer and more likely to learn and research ourselves. This pertains to the argument because when someone is hungry for information, they read about it. When they read about it, they not only learn about what they wanted to know, but possibly learn about even more information that they didn’t realize was there, instead of getting a four-word answer on Google. Compared to “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, I feel like this article definitely more factually based and not as appealing to the emotional side of rhetoric. This article definitely focuses on facts and logical arguments instead of bringing in science-fiction movies to appeal to you emotionally. “Google Makes Us All Dumber” is definitely more persuasive to me for that simple fact. The fact that it contains logical explanations as to why the author feels that way. I still don’t buy the argument totally of either article. The reason being is just last night, I was watching Narcos while finishing homework. I got interested in Pablo Escobar so I Googled him. I then continued to read for about thirty minutes on him and the Medellin Cartel. I used Google, and yet I continued to learn. It isn’t because of Google that we are becoming dumb. It is because of people’s laziness and their own thought process.


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