Google makes us all dumber

Ian Leslie’s argument in the article “Google Makes Us All Dumber: The Neuroscience of Search Engines”, is that with a search engine like googles it takes away from people’s creativity and ability to think abstractly. She claims that people now ask a question into google and get the answer and everything stops right there. Due to the answer coming so easy it causes people to retain less information, it also causes people to not ask more questions. They get the answer and that satisfies them, they don’t ask why that answer is right or how did that come about. Therefore, dumbing us down and making us humans strictly search for answers in life, taking away from creativity, etc. 

            Leslie mentioned an “information gap” in the article, she described it as “When you know just enough to know that you don’t know everything, you experience the itch to know more”. Basically the more information you know, you want to know more. You want to expand your knowledge and know more information, your constantly dissatisfied with how much you know and want to expand your knowledge. On the other side of the argument, the less you know the more satisfied you are with knowing minimal information. There is no drive to know more, you are complacent with where you are and that is what makes you stupid. Due to not nothing knowing anything once you know just the smallest bit of information you feel as if you a lot. When realistically speaking you know almost nothing. I agree completely with Leslie’s argument about the information gap, I do feel as if our generation is becoming dumber.

            Comparing the two articles “Google makes us all dumber: The neuroscience of search engines” and “Is google making us stupid”, they have similar arguments; what makes the articles much different is in “Is google making us stupid” by Nicholas Carr he writes in first person. Giving the reader personal experiences to relate to, which in my opinion makes the article more persuasive because the reader can relate to the authors experiences. But both articles make a great point against googles way of giving answers to hard questions very easily and how it dumbs down people way of thinking, they only search for answers to the question they are asking. There is no abstract thinking allowed.


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