Google Makes Us All Dumber

Ian Leslie argues that technology and Google are not necessarily bad, but the way that we are using them is bad. We are overusing them, and relying on them to supply us with every type of information that we need. He states that the Internet is not making us stupid because only we have the power to do that to ourselves. Asking questions and struggling to find the answers helps the brain actually process the information enough, that the process itself helps us remember the information that we just learned and fought to find. He believes that the space between questions and answers is closing, and that we need to keep it open in order to learn and live the way we are meant to.

The information gap is the gap between the question a person asks, and the answer. This gap is crucial in genuinely remembering the information. Leslie believes that this gap is, “…where creativity thrives and scientific progress is made”. This is important to the argument and myself because if I, or others do not know how to ask questions on our own, then we will never learn anything new, or be able to actually think for ourselves.

This article has a more optimistic tone than “Is Google Making Us Stupid”. It believes that Google is an amazing tool for society, but that we need to use it in moderation, and use it with the talents that humans already have, not instead of them. This article compliments the abilities of Google, while the older article talks a lot more negatively about Google and society’s interaction with it. I find that this article seems more persuasive than the other because it does not talk so negatively about search engines like Google. I do buy the arguments in both of these articles; they are both credible and make sense to me. However, neither of these articles is going to stop me from Googling almost every question that pops into my head throughout the day.


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