Google Makes Us All Dumber

In Ian Leslie’s article, “Google Makes Us All Dumber: The Neuroscience of Search Engines,” Leslie argues that while Google helps us in many ways, it is still changing the way we think and the way we learn in a negative way. He asserts that the line between inquiry and answer is becoming thinner and thinner. Leslie describes how technology is taking the learning out of asking questions. With answers at the tip of our fingers we can get information instantaneously and then we forget about it just as fast. While the answers are being found the whole purpose of asking the question is lost because there is no substance behind the answer.

Leslie also brings up the point of the “information gap,” or the gap between question and answer. He describes this gap as the place where the real learning takes place. The sifting or searching for the answer brings about more question or answers a reader may not be looking for. This is relevant to me because, like in my math classes, just knowing the answer to a problem doesn’t help me to know how to solve problems like it. The journey from question to answer is the best way for me to learn any new information I may be looking for. This relates to Leslie’s argument as a whole because it shows that our brains aren’t thinking about how to get an answer and why we even want the answer because it takes so little time to arrive at the answer.

The article, “Google Makes Us All Dumber,” is much more appreciative of technology and discusses more of a change in the use of the internet while, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is much more negative and focuses on how the internet and search engines are harming us without offering solutions. I find “Google Makes Us All Dumber” more persuasive because it offers an argument and then pushes the audience for change while “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” just states an argument. I still agree with both arguments because I can see the effects they describe in my everyday life.


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