I am using this website for background research for my project, because this man has video blogs and written explanations on what happens when he drinks 10 sodas a day for a month. He also explains how he manages to lose the weight after he gains it. This is an excellent option, because it shows the effects of soda on the body and also how your body can crave what you feed it for long periods of time. It is a great credible source for information for my project, due to the many legit and updated posts he has published.

Although this website isn’t what one would call a source from a more educated medical journal, it does however show someone with what they call an addiction and how hard it was to beat it. Personally, I think blogs are very resourceful for projects, because it shows real people out there who went through what you are researching. It also gives some sort of data and you can make your own personal analysis. Although blogs are useful when it comes to data and real life participation in projects, you just have to be careful that everything they are saying isn’t a lie, and that their information is not faulty.

Why is Diet Soda Addictive?

Although this article is fairly short, I believe it to be a more credible source do to the publisher and the website it’s being published on. There are many articles like this one, but they all give some sort of information as to what can help benefit my research project. I picked this article, because it gives me a lot of the background information I’m looking for condensed into one page. Plus, it is summarized and easy to understand.


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